LeSS refresh option: learning counter-intuitive ideas takes time

Refresh your LeSS knowledge!

The ideas in LeSS are sometimes difficult to grasp for participants. Even though you understood the major ideas, some of the aspects did not click yet, or the devil might be in the details in your environment. With this LeSS refresh option you have an opportunity to refresh your LeSS knowledge by participating in one of my Certified LeSS Practitioner classes for a special price.

This option is valid for anybody who already have been in any of the following classes by any of the Certified LeSS Trainers:
– Certified LeSS Practitioner
– provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner
– Certified LeSS for Executives

Please note that the offer is not valid if you have been only in a Certified LeSS Basic class.

Here are a few of the advantages

1. Exposure to different teaching styles: Every teacher has a unique teaching style, and attending a class with a different trainer can expose you to new techniques and methodologies that you may not have learned from your previous instructor.

2. Wider range of knowledge and expertise: Different trainers have different areas of expertise and may be able to provide a different perspective on the subject matter. This can broaden your understanding of the topic and fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

3. Opportunity to ask different questions: Each trainer may have their own area of focus, and attending a class with a different instructor can give you the opportunity to explore different angles and ask new questions you may not have thought of before.

4. Fresh perspective: Attending the same class again but with a different trainer can provide a fresh perspective on the subject matter. A new trainer may have different examples and case studies, which can help you develop a deeper understanding of the concepts.

5. Networking opportunities: Attending multiple classes from different trainers can expand your network, allowing you to meet new people in the industry and get feedback and input from a wider variety of sources.

Your investment in learning will be only 500EUR (without VAT) to cover the costs of the venue, materials, and LeSS certification fee. Please mention “LeSS refresh option” when signing up for a class.

This LeSS refresh option is valid until further notice and subject to availability. Standard terms and conditions apply.

LeSS refresh option: learning counter-intuitive ideas takes time

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