Designing Agile Organizations

Unlock the Secrets to Building Agile Organizations: Embrace a Paradigm Shift!


This 2-day course is about re-designing an organization into one that can respond effectively to market changes and delight the customer.

To quote John Seddon: “Culture Change is Free. People’s behaviour is a product of their system”. Participants explore how to design an agile organization, from product definition, structure, roles and responsibilities to your appraisal system.

Participants leave this course with an appreciation for the agile mindset and how to deal with common adoption mistakes. They gain the understanding of how to make informed decisions about their transformation that will be most beneficial to their organization, evolving in creating their own Agile frameworks that really fit what they need.

Are you prepared to shatter the biggest misconception surrounding agile? Brace yourself, because it’s not merely a superficial process or a fleeting trend. Agile is a holistic transformation that transcends mere methodologies, mindsets, and cultural shifts. Unfortunately, countless senior managers mistakenly believe that implementing agile is as simple as providing training to frontline employees. But let us reveal the unvarnished truth: the cornerstone of unlocking the full potential of agile lies in the very fabric of organizational design.

Don’t allow misguided notions to impede your path to unprecedented triumph. Now is the time to revolutionize your organization and harness the formidable power of organizational design—a transformative approach that ensures your organization’s seamless adaptation to the ever-evolving needs of your customers.

Join us on an exhilarating journey to craft truly agile organizations that thrive amidst complexity. Together, let’s unravel the enigma of organizational design and unleash a systemic revolution that will redefine the boundaries of success!

Who should attend?

The Agile Organization designer course is for people in leadership roles that play a key role in organization redesign and support an Agile adoption effort. We recommend that Tech, Business and senior leadership representatives attend, preferably together.
Trainings are oriented on the methods of “Training from the back of the room”, as well as the effect of team learning over individual learning.

Course Content

The following topics will be covered in the Desgning Agile Organizations course:

Day 1 – Organizing for adaptability

  • What is an Agile Organization?

  • Evolve Your Own Agile Organization Model
  • A Systemic Approach for Designing an Agile Organization
Day 2 – Organization re-design guides
  • 12 Agile Organization Design Guides
  • Organization Structure: How to structure the product group and surrounding organizational units
  • Processes & Integration: How to Coordinate and integrate across units
  • People Practices

After successful Course Completion

All participants will

  • be certified in Designing Agile Organizations
  • receive a digital version of the Creating Agile Organization book
  • receive the course handout as PDF
Wolfgang Steffens Certified LeSS Practitioner
Wolfgang Steffens Certified LeSS Practitioner
Wolfgang Steffens Certified LeSS Practitioner


Three inspiring days!

Carina Wagner,


There are Agile Coaches (who only use the title) and there are Agile Coaches (the ones who have it). Wolfgang is of the latter kind. I got to know him while preparing a training session for Scrum Master. I was immediately struck by how much substantial agile knowledge he has and how well he can use practical examples (some of which I have now taken over) to transport the knowledge. The Certified LeSS Practitioner course fully met my expectations. Because one participant did not speak much German most of the course was in English. That was no problem at all, because Wolfgang explained and moderated everything well. In general, he is very methodical, but can also react flexibly (agile) to situations. Everyone can see that he is really behind when he represents something. I hope I have the opportunity to learn more from him (More with LeSS). From my experience LeSS creates the least pains of all existing frameworks when you have to have multiple Scrum Teams working on the same product. Most pivotal in this is that there is one Product Owner and that all moments of inspection and adaptation continue to have the same effect. LeSS also is the framework with the least amount of changes to roles, events and artifacts.

Oilver T.,

Scrum Master & Trainer

The Certified LeSS Practitioner class was great. Gained insights by working on the many really enlightening Causal Loop Diagrams. Learned why LeSS is not really a framework but more or less lean & scrum principles applied to more than 1 team. And I loved your case study, Wolfgang. Thank you very much. Very well invested time.

Robert F.,

Transition Manager

Es war für mich als CEO eines Unternehmens mit 50 Mitarbeitern, das derzeit eine agile Transformation durchführt, extrem hilfreich, im dreitägigen LeSS-Practitioner-Workshop von Wolfgang Steffens ein vertieftes Verständnis des LeSS-Framework zu gewinnen. Ich weiß nun besser, was ich in meine Rolle tun kann, um LeSS in meinem Unternehmen einen Erfolg werden zu lassen. Die 3 Tage Präsenz-Workshop waren für mich sehr gut investierte Zeit, die unser Unternehmen binnen weniger Wochen dadurch wieder einspielen wird, dass wir auf dem Weg der Agilisierung die richtigen Dinge priorisieren werden.

Karsten R.,


Best Scrum/Agile course I ever visited!

A. O.,

Entrepreneur & Agile Coach

Great Job Wolfgang, thank you soooo much, this has been quite a remarkable session!I can defintely recommend the Certified LeSS Practitioner by Wolfgang! It is a common request to secure transitions towards more agile ways of working. One has to make a conscious choice which methods to follow… It is a pleasure for me I had recently the chance to join this course. Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) is particularly addressing methods to integrate a common framework for all sorts of development works across teams based on Scrum and it integrates systemic practices and provides a slim feel throughout. A limited number of principles and rules and a reduction to the essentials and encouragement to experiment form the base. A truly engaged facilitator as Wolfgang with well founded practical experience and a programme with interaction, group exercises and a relaxed style form perfect learning conditions. In addition access to the LeSS community and much more material is provided. Instead a single event the concept is from the very bginning meant as a continuous development journey - isn´t that all one really wants?

Andreas. O.,

Innovation Manager

Real eye-opener on scalability of agile. I have learned more than I expected; this class surpassed my expectations. It helped me realize that excellence is all about adaptability.

Patryk T.,

Consultant / People Manager

Dickes Like für Wolfgang - auch didaktisch war die Schulung super!

Daniel Dorsch,


Ich kann Wolfgang als LeSS Trainer und Coach nur empfehlen!

Axel Straschil,